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A handheld milk frother inspired by Keurig

In this project, I attempted to create a Keurig-branded, handheld milk frother that could be placed in a charging base next to a primary coffee brewer. Scroll further to see my design process and to watch this project come to life.

Preliminary Research

As I began this project, I conducted extensive research on coffee-making habits in the United States. I found that the majority of regular coffee-drinkers enjoyed adding some form of milk to their drink. Additionally, most people made coffee in their own homes. This percentage is likely to increase, both during and beyond the onset of COVID-19.


Problem Statement

Design a handheld milk frother that integrates seamlessly into the user's kitchen space and creates a more efficient specialty coffee-making experience by combining multiple steps of the process.


Design Goals

Thumbnails (Handle and Charging Base)


3D Prototyping


User Testing


CMF Mood Board

frother.render 1.jpg

CAD Model

Exploded View

rachel oedy portfolio sp 202112.jpg
rachel oedy portfolio sp 202111.jpg

Charging Base

The base is used to store the frother upright and to charge the batteries, so the frother is always ready for use. Both the frother and the charging base reflect the aesthetics of the Keurig brand.

rachel oedy portfolio sp 202113.jpg
rachel oedy portfolio sp 202114.jpg
frother.render 4-2.jpg
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