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An autonomous, luxury vehicle inspired by architectural forms.

In this short project, I drew inspiration from architectural forms, and used abstractions to create a final concept vehicle. This project also features VR technology, namely Gravity Sketch, as a key piece of the design process. Scroll further to see the progression of this project.

Callison RTKL is an architecture firm that focuses on designing "unique, experiential places for communities to thrive." The roots of the firm are in urban planning, and their designs focus on advancing positive, global impacts. Callison RTKL has been ranked as a top firm for retail spaces, convention centers, cultural facilities, and more. 


- Guiding Statement -


Luxury // Comfort // Quality

Light // Celestial // Magnificent

Early Form Abstractions
In the beginning stage of this project, I created abstract forms inspired by the mood board images I compiled, from Callison RTKL, Mercedes, and other aesthetic inspiration.


Interior and Exterior Exploration
After creating abstract forms, I developed components of both the interior and exterior on the same page, ensuring that the forms influenced one another and complimented each other well.


Gravity Sketch (Gesture Thumbnails)
After an initial round of sketches, I went into Gravity Sketch to create loose gesture drawings to ensure that these forms not only worked in 2D, but also in 3D.

Once the most successful silhouettes were demonstrated in Gravity Sketch, I went back to digital sketching to create some more finalized renders, showing the forms of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Gravity Sketch (Human Factors)
This exercise in Gravity Sketch was done to test the human interaction with the vehicle. Since this design is for two people in a reclining position, it is unlike most other vehicles currently in use today. The screen at the bottom also needed to be comfortably visible from this position for the users to watch a movie together.

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