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Work Experience

Kraemer Design + Production

June 2023 - Present
Cincinnati, Ohio

Procter & Gamble
Family Care Innovation Design Co-op

Sep 2022 - Dec 2022

Cincinnati, Ohio

Industrial Design Co-op

Jan 2022 - Apr 2022

Berlin, Germany

Play-Doh Product Design Co-op

May 2021 - Sep 2021

Sep 2020 - Dec 2020


Strategic Brands Product Design Co-op

Jan 2020 - Apr 2020

Pawtucket, Rhode Island and Remote

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Currently working as a full-time Project Designer / Exhibit Designer. Regularly conversing directly with clients to determine their needs for developing spaces, including children’s museums, zoos, libraries, and more. Creating conceptual illustrations, moving initial ideas into plans and elevations, and ultimately completing detailed design documents that are delivered to fabricators as reference for building exhibits.

Worked on the Family Care brands, including Charmin and Bounty, as an innovation designer. Majorly contributed to several projects, primarily far-future concepts based in new technologies and trends. Conducted research on sustainable materials and practices. Worked closely with technical partners to build functional models informed by design. Created critical prototypes, designed and executed research, and clearly presented findings to upper management.

Worked in a small sustainability start-up focusing on open circular design as part of the International Experience Program at the University of Cincinnati. Researched various methods of re-working used plastics, including silicone and polypropylene materials. Constructed physical prototypes of furniture pieces and other consumer products incorporating upcycled elements. Innovated on existing circular toy concept and presented key developments to broader team.

Worked on the Play-Doh brand as a Product Designer in a fully remote setting. Served temporarily as the lead designer on several projects within the brand portfolio. Presented concepts to the broader team, including upper management. Managed multiple outside vendors and communicated with partners globally. Pitched original concepts for upcoming items, including items for a new brand partnership. Compiled deco specs, created cost sheets, led and contributed to team brainstorms and overall product development.

Worked in the Strategic Brands department as a Product Designer, both on-site and remotely. Contributed to brands such as Playskool, Potato Head, Peppa Pig, and PJ Masks. Pitched original concepts for new products, compiled deco specs, completed color overlay studies, constructed physical prototypes, and contributed to overall brand development. Collaborated with intern design team on AR game concept for exclusive online distribution and presented to management.

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