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volkswagen bunk 2040

The future of transportation as it relates to the mobile lifestyle

In this project, designer Kelly May and I attempt to create the future of Volkswagen and the future of mobility as it relates to emerging lifestyle trends. I focus on the system and exterior, we collaborate on the interior, and Kelly focuses on the colors, materials and finishes. Scroll further to see our design process and to watch this project come to life.

mood video by Kelly May

vw image 2.jpg

The Mobile Lifestyle

The mobile lifestyle refers to the emerging trend of living in multiple places for short periods of time, with a heavy emphasis on adventure and exploration.

More and more people are opting for short-term stays in many locations in place of the more traditional habit of "settling down" in one area.

However, the cost and inconvenience of constantly moving has deterred many from choosing this lifestyle for the long-term.

The goal of this project is to create a mobile living solution for explorers-at-heart who would like to travel across the country and live in exciting, new places for short periods of time.

User Attributes

The target user group for this vehicle is a blend of Gen Z and Gen Alpha in the year 2040.

These generations are already familiar with the integration of technology into everyday life, and are often referred to as "digital natives". They are incredibly immersed in this new technology-driven landscape -- for many, to the point of needing to somewhat escape it.

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The Brand - Volkswagen




Volkswagen's vision statement is "to make this world a more mobile, sustainable place with access to all citizens." Their vehicles are built on reliability, quality, and passion.

volkswagen logo.png

System Design

storyboard vw.jpg

This project lives within a system in which most vehicles are completely autonomous.

In the vehicle proposed here, the user would select (via an app) which temporary location they would like to visit next.


After selecting the desired location, the vehicle would drive itself to the hub located in that area. During the drive, the user could work remotely, prepare and eat meals, and relax with a favorite book, some sight-seeing, and more.

Early CMF and Abstract Forms

Kelly and I worked to create three paths of exploration with mood boards and abstract forms:

From left to right:

- Nostalgic Future

- Western Americana

- Modern Minimalism

vw exterior thumbnails copy.jpg

Thumbnails (Exterior)

(Exterior and Interior)

Nostalgic Future

Western Americana

Midterm Presentation Oedy-May-2_Page_13_edited.png

Modern Minimalism

Innovative Features

In this vehicle, one would enjoy the ability to take in clear, panoramic views, while at other times would require privacy within the living space.

Thus, these vehicles would include expansive, on-demand tinting windows to accommodate every moment.

Additionally, this vehicle includes an expansive sky-roof with light around the perimeter, allowing the user to become fully immersed in their surroundings:

vw render 1 copy.jpg
side view interior final.jpg
in context - 3.jpg
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